Improving lives through partenerships...

Forward Africa is a non-profit development organization founded in 1992 to strengthen the capacity of individuals, especially women and youth within the communities to respond to their identified basics needs, using resources available within their communities. The goal of the organization is to mobilize local human and material resources to improve the lives of Nigerians. Forward African works closely with indigenous associations, local groups and communities to design and support democracy and good governance, food production, promote health, clean water and sanitation, advance education and skills training, develop agribusiness and income generating activities.

As an organization staffed by highly trained individuals with far reaching experience in children and women health, democracy and governance, agricultural enterprises, human development among others, Forward African is well placed to undertake projects to improve the quality of lives of Nigeria.

The organization is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, Abuja in 1995 and has a (seven) member Board of Trustees. She is one of the NGOs in Nigeria that participated in an organizational assessment organized by Capacity building for Decentralized Development (CBDD/DFID) Kaduna, for NGOs in Nigeria. This was carried out in 1999. The assessment and subsequent organizational development programme has enabled FOFA to put in place systems and structures to keep the organization focused as a sustainable entity.


A society where everyone has access to the basic things of life.


A development organization that holistically seeks to improve life through partnerships, advocacy and capacity building for sustainable development.


  1. To reduce the level of poverty and empower communities especially women and youth.
  2. To assess, evaluate, document and disseminate information on prevailing development issues for the growth of the society .
  3. To cooperate with institutions, government ministries, departments and agencies/policy maker for policy implementation for the prevention and eradication of poverty and diseases.


  1. Community mobilization and social outreach.
  2. Project circle management.
  3. Managing participatory development.
  4. Community engagement in governance.
  5. Capacity building in various development areas.
  6. Integrated budget monitoring.


  1. Fear of God – the creator who is sovereign.
  2. People oriented – interested in contributing to improving the lives of people.
  3. Integrity and good leadership – transparent and accountable to our donors, partner and target communities.
  4. Team work spirit/efficiency – appreciates the efforts of team members for efficiency.
  5. Collaboration/partnership (networking with other organizations, institutions and communities) – encourages collaborative efforts to development.
  6. Living up to the name Forward Africa – we value our name.