Improving lives through partenerships...

Forward Africa is made up of three departments with departmental heads. They are:

  1. Administrative: This department is headed by the Admin/Human Relations Manager; it oversees the day-to-day running of the administrative and personnel services of the organization and its subsidiary.
  2. Programme: This is the department that sees to the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of projects. It is also responsible in proposal development which is sent to donor organization and partners. It compiles reports and documents projects activities and projects carried out.
  3. Account: This department oversees grant management from donor agencies and organizations. It also contributes to proposal development with specific focus on the budget. It monitors incomes and expenditures of the organization. It records all financial transactions within the organization and also sees to staff salaries and pension.


The organization is staffed with highly trained individuals with vast experience and the organization builds staff capacity by supporting staff training both local and overseas to enhance their performance in various areas. The core staff is made up of the Executive Director, Programme Manager, Accountant, Human Resource Manager, Project/programme officers and Administrative/Account Officer. The organization also has a cleaner, porter, and drivers. Volunteer and industrial training staffs are taken when required.