Improving lives through partenerships...

FOFA is very concerned about improving the standard of education in the society and ensuring that the learning process is all encompassing toward empowering the younger generation to  maximize their potentials and empowering the older generation to be more effective members of the society. To achieve this, we conduct activities on:

Integrating Family Life and HIV/AIDS Education (FLHE) Curriculum in Public School System

In Nigeria young people aged 10-24 years are faced with challenges concerning their sexual and reproductive health. Access to Sexual and Reproductive Health Information is one of the challenges facing them. Hence, they lack correct information to make informed choices as it relates to these issues, some eventually end up with wrong information from peers and other sources. It has become necessary to make appropriate and timely information available and accessible to our young people to equip them towards taking right and informed decision and ultimately prevent the growing incidence of HIV/AIDS, STIs, unsafe abortion, drug and alcoholic abuse and other risky behaviours. One of the ways to achieve this is through the school system.

In that light, the Federal Ministry of Education and partners developed the FLHE curriculum and integrated it into four core subjects for the Junior Secondary School as follows:

  1. Social Studies
  2. Basic Science
  3. Physical and Health Education
  4. Home Economics

With the curriculum in place, another challenge was the capacity of the teachers on the classroom delivery of the FLHE through these core subjects. This necessitated an MOU signed with the Imo State Ministry of Education and Forward Africa on integrating and training of teachers on the FLHE programme in public schools.

The Partnership has so far resulted in the following:

  1. 227 teachers from 67 public schools in Imo State trained on the integrated FLHE Curriculum
  2. 30 Local Government Area Inspectors of Education trained on the FLHE Curriculum and monitoring the implementation and classroom delivery of the FLHE programme
  3. 11,300 students spread across 67 public schools in Imo State reached with FLHE
  4. Organizing for Peer Educators training in schools
  5. Developed a comprehensive tool for monitoring the FLHE programme by the LG Area Inspectors, the Ministry and Forward Africa.

Civic Education

FOFA also embarks on enlightening and sensitizing the masses both young and old on the need to be patriotic and the importance of informed participation in the issues of public interest and citizenship activities through various capacity development activities like:

  1. Electoral Process and Voter Education
  2. Citizen’s Right and Privileges Education
  3. Economic Literacy
  4. Adult Education

Livelihood and Empowerment Education

FOFA mobilizes young people in and out of school for livelihood skills and activities that empower them with knowledge and skills to face the challenges of life, generate income and earn a living. These activities are linked to the Economic Development activities.

The Integrated Young People’s Development Action Plan (IYPDAP) has also stipulated the stakeholders and activities that will facilitate support and partnership for existing skill acquisition centres to enroll more young people and establishment of one school to skill programme.