Improving lives through partenerships...

FOFA carries out monitoring and evaluation works either on a consultancy level or in projects carried out by her. The Organization conducts research into the various programme areas of focus and also serves as consultants for companies and other organizations. Some of the works covers the following:

  1. Conducts baseline and needs assessment which form basis for FOFA intervention planning, monitoring of outcome and evaluation of project impact with benefiting communities.
  2. Conducted the assessment on Adolescent/HIV/AIDS and Rural Urban Migration in Nigeria in partnership with Brown University, Providence USA and Centre for population Studies (CPS), Abia State University, Uturu 2000-2002.
  3. Conducted the Sustainable Livelihood Assessment (SLA) which informed the production of the Community Driven Development Plan (CDDP) in Jisike Regional Development Council (RDC) funded by Chevron Nigeria Limited-2006.
  4. FOFA Participated in the Participatory stakeholders’ evaluation of the 8 operational areas of Chevron Nigeria Limited under their Global Memorandum of Understanding (GMoU) to assess its impact on their host communities since its adoption.
  5. She also participated in the Beneficiary Assessment/Impact Evaluation of the Second National Fadama Development Project in Imo State 2007.